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Getting Around During Your Kauai Getaway

Kauai is a small island, relative to other Hawaiian Islands, taking around two hours of driving time between its furthest points. Despite its size, renting a car is the best way to go if you plan on seeing a variety of sights during your Kauai getaway.

Renting a Vehicle

After exiting baggage claim at the airport, cross the street to catch one of the frequent shuttle vans to the rental lots, where you will find all of the major rental car companies. Due to infrequent and limited public transportation, renting a vehicle is the best way to ensure that you see all the sights on the island. Be sure to book ahead during peak seasons. For those traveling lightly on their Kauai getaway, mopeds are also available for rent. Keep in mind that Kauai is a tropical island, where rain showers throughout the day are common. Four wheel drive vehicles allow you to get off the beaten path into Kauai’s more remote areas. However, check the stipulations closely with each rental company, because leaving a paved road is often a violation of the rental contract.

Kauai has one major road that runs from the north shore clockwise around the island to the west shore, with the northeast coastline being inaccessible by road. The main road is one lane in each direction in most places, with speed limits topping out at 50mph. Be prepared to take it slow and embrace the leisurely pace of island life.

Kauai Bus System

The Kauai Bus provides bus service between Kekaha and Hanalei, with Lihue being the transfer point for those wanting to travel between the west and north shores. Pickups are scheduled once per hour during weekdays, with more infrequent stops on the weekends. The schedule makes it more suitable for commuters living on the island or for travelers who are on a very flexible schedule.


Kauai Taxi Company offers taxi and airport shuttle services, making it a great Kauai travel option. Ride share companies Uber and Lyft have also recently made their way to Kauai, providing more options available for those seeking taxi services. For most travelers, it’s cost prohibitive to rely solely on taxi services for their entire stay.

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