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waves crashing into a sunny beach

Spring Activities to Enjoy on Kauai

It is time to forget all about the cold of winter and look forward to spring! The spring season is one of the best times to vacation on Kauai, allowing guests to enjoy all the various activities of the island with beautiful weather. Take a look at some spring activities in Kauai you can enjoy:

Beach Living

Kauai and all of Hawaii features incredible weather all year round. Even if you come during the early spring season, you will be quite comfortable relaxing by the beach. Kauai features various beaches that are open year-round for you to enjoy. Bring a towel from your rental and lay down by the beach. Bring lunch for a romantic picnic by the water. Everyone knows the surfing found in Hawaii is some of the best in the world. Take lessons to perfect the art and rent a board to take down the waves.

Go Hiking

Kauai has some of the most incredible scenery on all of Hawaii. The volcanic island of Kauai is full of lush jungles and thriving coves. Check out one of the nearly endless hiking trails that will take you around the island. A local favorite includes a hike down to Waimea Canyon where you can glimpse the famous waterfalls in the area. Walking through the Kokee rainforest is a great opportunity for you to see the local wildlife up close. You will connect with nature in no time on one of the incredible trails on Kauai.

Take a Tour

Once you have seen Kauai from the ground, you should consider seeing it from the air and water as well! Helicopter tours can take you to the skies so you can see Kauai from thousands of feet in the air. Tell the pilot what you are interested in seeing and they can show you the best sights around. If the air doesn’t suit you, make sure you take a tour from the coast. Snorkeling and charter cruises like the Napali Snorkel Sail will take you around Kauai’s beautiful blue waters. Jump into the ocean and see incredible animals like sea turtles and dolphins up close. Now that’s a spring vacation!

Start Planning Today

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