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Your Complete Family Guide to Kauai

Hawaii is well-known as a tourist paradise. If you want to spend a great vacation in a place that has it all, Kauai should be your next vacation destination. Here you can enjoy waterfalls, clear water, and mountain landscapes that will take your breath away. Here’s a guide to get you started on your dream family vacation in Kauai.

Where to Go

That’s the question that every tourist faces once they’ve settled in, but not on Kauai. Here,that question has so many answers it will be a matter of deciding which ones to visit and which to leave out. We recommend visiting the Queen’s Bath. It’s a natural pool where both hiking and swimming are popular attractions. Go early to avoid the crowds. Ho’opi’i Falls is another popular destination. Here you can enjoy a short trek in the jungle before you reach the falls. Take a swim in the refreshing water.

Where to Eat

The food here brings people from all over the world. Some restaurants were commend include Pink’s Creamery, which is famous for its great ice cream(a big hit with the kids!), and Verde, a Mexican restaurant offering authentic Mexican cuisine which is popular all year round. And if you’re looking for a quick snack, Mermaids Cafe is the place to go.

Where to Swim

The beaches are certainly one of the main reasons visitors come to Hawaii, and Kauai doesn’t disappoint. Hanalei Bay attracts surfers from everywhere;the mountain views create a landscape that you won’t forget. Hideaways Beach is a little off the beaten track and requires a short trek, but once you get there,you’ll be rewarded with a quiet beach that’s just as beautiful as Hanalei Bay. Another beach you shouldn’t miss is Tunnels Beach. It’s famous for its lava tunnels just below the water surface. You can also explore the cave nearby.

What to Do

When it comes to activities and attractions, a family guide to Kauai sure delivers. You can take to the air in an hour-long helicopter tour. Or if you prefer terra firma, then the trails here offer a great opportunity to enjoy hiking and biking. Canyon Trail and Sleeping Giant Trail are quite popular among hikers. You can also go surfing or paddle boarding. The fun never ends in Kauai.

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