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Top Family Friendly Kauai Activities

You’ve spent all summer planning this incredible island getaway vacation to Kauai. The plane tickets are purchased, the hotel is booked, your swim suit is packed…but suddenly a thought crosses your mind: What if the kids get bored? Sure, you’re more than happy to spend your vacation lounging away on the beach doing nothing (you’ve earned it!), but the kids not so much. They want to do stuff!

Luckily for you, Kauai has no shortage of things to do! Family-Friendly Kauai activities are at every turn, and today we want to go over three family-friendly activities and attractions in Kauai that will help make this year’s vacation the best one yet.

Kauai Activities in the Backcountry

One fact about the beautiful island of Kauai that is not known to most tourists is that it used to be a huge producer of sugar, featuring a number of massive plantations located all around the island. These sugar plantations required a vast irrigation system to function properly, and when production ceased around the turn of the century, it left little use for them—until now! Kauai Backcountry Adventures has exclusive access to the irrigation system for the old Lihue Plantation, and they’ve turned it into an exciting tubing adventure that is perfect for the entire family! The water system runs through some of the most beautiful and remote land on the island, so you’ll be sure to get some of the best views on all of Kauai that nobody else will see! The gently flowing waters are perfect for a relaxing experience that is also not too intense for the young ones in your group. It is truly an unforgettable journey into the history and majesty of the Garden Isle.

Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai is an island filled with incredible natural beauty and inhabited by majestic marine wildlife, and you and your family would truly be missing out if you didn’t take full advantage and explore everything that the island has to offer. One of the best ways to do so is by checking out Kauai Sea Tours, a local boating company that offers sea tours of the Na Pali Coast and much more! They offer a number of different adventures, including snorkeling, whale watching, and even some raft adventures that can feature encounters with dolphins and sea turtles! This is the perfect adventure for your family if you want to get on the water and explore all the wildlife Kauai has in store.

Silver Falls Ranch

Don’t think that you can explore Kauai just by the surrounding water; there’s a lot to explore on land, too! The island of Kauai itself features breathtaking views and beauty, including the Makaleha Mountain Range, lush valleys, and more! We highly recommend exploring the island as much as possible, but putting an incredible twist on it: do it by horseback! Silver Falls Ranch offers a number of Hawaiian Discovery Rides that are child friendly, and there are few things more unforgettable than exploring Kauai’s secrets on the back of one of Silver Falls Ranch’s horses.

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