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Must See Kaua’i Attractions

From towering mountains draped in lush jungles to secluded beaches with pristine white sand, Kaua‘i is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Hawaiian Islands. Part of the island’s charm is its relaxed atmosphere and laidback style, but during your stay here there are a few things you just can’t miss. So enjoy lazy afternoons by the surf’s edge, take in those calming sunsets from your covered lanai, but be sure you get out and explore all this picturesque island has to offer!

Rugged Mountain Splendor

Kaua‘i’s North Shore is famous for its steep sea cliffs and razor-sharp valleys. Towering above small secluded beaches, these cliffs are dazzling hues of vibrant reds, greens, and browns, completely inaccessible except by foot. Whether you enjoy them from an offshore boat tour, walk the first few miles of the serpentine path to a babbling stream and its magical waterfall, or hike the entire length of the Kalalau Trail to the hidden valleys at its end, the Na Pali Coast is one of Kaua‘i’s best treasures, not to be missed.

The towering walls of the Na Pali are spectacular in their own right, but they are merely the leading edge of one of the Pacific Rim’s most breathtaking Kaua’i attractions: the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Accessible only from the south, Waimea Canyon is a 12-mile long gorge that plunges over 3,000 feet and showcases the ancient geology of the island’s fiery past. A short drive up the spine of the canyon affords visitors with stunning vistas of the canyon, and numerous lookouts provide an entirely different perspective of the the Na Pali Coast below. The Canyon is laced with an elaborate network of hikes, perfect for short day trips or longer explorations. Below the rim lies a vast array of unique geology and environments, some unseen anywhere else on Earth.

Magical Kaua’i Attractions

While Kaua‘i’s interior is dominated by majestic mountains, the beaches that line her shores are well worth a visit as well. Hanalei Bay is the perfect spot to spend a day learning to surf or stand-up paddleboard, and the quaint village has plenty of shops, cafes, and delicious restaurants that are must-see spots. Life here is slower paced and peaceful, so don’t be surprised to find your troubles magically drifting away. In the south, Poipu Beach is one of the nation’s best, with idyllic half-moon inlets and coves, protected swimming areas, fantastic surf breaks, and excellent snorkeling. Enjoy the sunnier side of life here on Kaua‘i’s Leeward side.

With so many Kaua‘i attractions, you might feel hard-pressed to get it all in. Thankfully, with the incredible accommodations at Ahh! Aloha and our amazing value, a return trip is just the ticket.