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Kauai Restaurants

Best Kauai Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food

When you think of winter comfort food, you generally imagine meals that are thick and hearty and designed to warm your insides on the coldest days of the year, but your winter journey to Kauai definitely won’t present any temperatures below 70! And while the tropical warmth and perpetual sunshine found here during the months of winter won’t have you rushing to put on your snow boots, it’s the idea of the season that will have you craving the comfort foods served at the following Kauai restaurants!

Anuenue Café, 2360 Kiahuna Plantation Drive, Koloa

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, fueling your body for a long day of vacation activities, and Anuenue Café is the perfect place to do so during your Kauai stay. Offering hearty breakfasts with farm fresh eggs and locally-sourced meats which are delightfully filling and tasty, it’s their sweet breakfast treats that will bring comfort to you on these frightfully “freezing” days of winter: French toast made with thick slices of Hawaiian bread, pancakes that are thick, fluffy, and topped with nuts and fruits, and cinnamon rolls the size of a plate. It might not be not the kind of food you want to eat every day, but during these harsh winter conditions, it should be ok once or twice!

Kalapaki Beach Hut, 3474 Rice Street, Lihue

Nothing speaks as loudly of the true Hawaiian experience than the taste of burgers served from a tiki hut! Kalapaki Beach Hut is a simple spot best known for hearty breakfasts and thick, juicy burgers that fill not just your stomachs, but the empty places in your soul you never knew existed! Offering the perfect place to end the debate on whether or not pineapples belong on hamburgers, the Aloha Classic topped with teriyaki and pineapple is a local favorite!

Eating House 1849 Koloa, 2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka Road A-201

Historic, charming, and serving the comfort food popular on the islands and on the mainland, the meals at the Eating House are made from locally sourced ingredients that offer comfort to all that eat there! Featuring everything from noodle and rice bowls to a House Made Corned Beef Reuben topped with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, cabbage, and house made thousand island dressing, all the members of your traveling party are destined to find a food that comforts at this local hot spot!

Just as Cold Days Aren’t for Everyone

Sterile hotel rooms rarely please anyone, and your winter journey to Kauai requires all the comforts of home! Our Ahh! Aloha vacation escapes are warm, welcoming, and designed to be lived in—reserve your vacation rental today!