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Best Restaurants in Kauai

Best Restaurants in Kauai for Burgers

You’ve chosen the perfect vacation destination, the ideal vacation accommodations, and you’re experiencing the best weather you ever imagined possible. What else could you need to complete this picture of paradise? How about a big, thick, and juicy burger, cooked exactly the way you like it and topped with your favorite toppings? Everyone knows that Hawaii is famous for its seafood—we’re surrounded by the ocean—but every once in a while, we all crave a burger. When that happens to you, all you need to do is read this list of the best restaurants in Kauai for burgers!

Street Burger, 4-369 Kuhio Highway, Kappa

Every so often you run across a place that elevates the common burger to a new height, and we’re lucky to have such a place right here on Kauai. Street Burger offers an innovative look at the classic burger, and we for one like what we see! Chef-driven, this chic spot offers basic burgers served with a twist, and that includes a Hawaiian favorite, the Spam Burger. Take a walk on the wild side with lamb burgers or stick to what you know with a taste of their classic cheeseburger; you’ll be a winner either way!

Kalapaki Beach Hut, 3474 Rice Street, Lihue

Of course, there will always be those who don’t see the need to mess with a sure thing, and those classic burger lovers will love a visit to the Kalapaki Beach Hut! A Hawaiian tradition since 1973 (albeit in different locations over the years), there’s a reason this place is so popular, and that reason is their burgers! Created from Kauai Island beef, the burgers served here just may need two hands to hold. Do yourself a favor and try the Mushroom Swiss Burger; it’s a personal favorite of ours!

Duane’s Ono-Char Burger, 4-4350 Kuhio Highway, Anahola

Some places don’t need to spend a lot to ensure they get a lot of diners. These eateries know that it’s the food that is important, and Duane’s Ono-Char Burger is one such spot. An open-air restaurant serving sandwiches, fries, and onion rings, the burgers served here will tantalize your taste buds!

Kenji Burger, 4-788 Kuhio Highway, Kapaa

And finally, because not everyone in your traveling party may not understand the appeal of the common burger, Kenji Burger offers a large selection of tasty seafood and delicious burgers. Be adventurous and try the Truffle Burger or stick to what you know and taste the Old Skool Burger. It doesn’t matter what you order, just that you don’t miss out on this popular burger spot!

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