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coffee beans from best coffee shops in Kauai

Best Coffee Shops in Kauai

If you have ever given a thought to the beverages you may be sipping on during your once in a lifetime visit to Kauai, more than likely your thoughts have turned towards fruity and frothy alcoholic-based ones: the Mai Tai, the Rum Runner, or even the rum-filled Lava Flow are in your mental wanderings. But what about that simple cup of coffee? You know, the beverage that helps you start each day with a smile, stands by you in times of exhaustion, and has always been there for you, no matter how bad your life gets? Because we understand how a bad cup of coffee can affect your entire day, even in paradise, and also because Hawaii is home to some of the best coffee spots in the world, we’ve compiled this list of the best coffee shops in Kauai just for you!

Little Fish Coffee, 3900 Ione Road, Hanapepe

Charming, warm, and welcoming, Little Fish is one of our favorite places to get our daily caffeine fix and promises to be one of yours as well. Colorful walls are adorned with even more colorful pieces of artwork, creating a spot in which you want to linger, and when you taste their wares, which include sandwiches and pastries, you’ll never want to leave. The coffee is pure, dark, and strong, and the ambience is warm and welcoming. Be sure to pick up a Little Fish coffee mug or trucker hat for memories that will last a lifetime!

One of the Best Coffee Shops in Hawaii: Ha Coffee Bar, 4180 Rice Street #101A, Lihue

When you suffer from allergies, the world can be a difficult place to navigate. There’s no place for those who are different, unless, of course, you visit the Ha Coffee Bar in Lihue! Comfortable, relaxing, and offering a large selection of dairy-free milks, including coconut, soy, and almond, as well as a delicious selection of gluten-free cookies, those of all diets are welcome here! But it’s the coffee you’re interested in (They also have amazing teas!); one sip of their cold brews and you’ll be a fan for life!

Kalaheo Café & Coffee Company, 2-2560 Kaumualii Highway

Some people and businesses have trouble focusing on more than one thing or product at a time, producing subpar work when they dare to branch out. The Kalaheo Café and Coffee Company, however, does not have that issue. From the giant omelets they serve each morning to the rich liquid energy that accompanies each meal, every single item on the menu tastes better than any you have ever tasted before! The family atmosphere and welcoming ambience makes this special café a favorite of all who enter its doors.

Buy the Beans

Because sometimes the best java is the stuff you brew yourself, our fully-equipped kitchens make it easy to brew your favorite flavor! Sleep in late and enjoy a cuppa at the family table in the dining room, on the deck overlooking the sparkling seas that surround the island, or poured into a travel mug and taken with you as you explore paradise! Reserve your Ahh! Aloha vacation escape and prepare for the trip of the lifetime accompanied by some of the best coffee shops in Kauai!