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Na Pali Coast Snorkeling

Kaua‘i’s famed Na Pali Coast dazzles the imagination with its sheer impossibility. Rugged sea cliffs (“pali”) more than 4,000-feet high plummet in sheer vertical drops to the sea, the exposed earth streaked in vibrant swaths of red, yellow, and green. Each demarks a deep and mysterious valley carved by ancient streams and runoff, the furrowed rock walls neatly cleaved by countless waterfalls. Located on Kaua‘i’s northwestern shore, the far western end of the cliffs is home to the enchanting Kalalau Valley, accessible only by a treacherous 11-mile hike or by sea.  Learn more about Na Pali Coast snorkeling below:

Fortunately, if a grueling hike is not in the cards for you, you can still tour this beautiful coastline aboard a state-of-the-art sail catamaran from Holo Holo Charters. This adventurous cruise will afford you close-up views of hidden sea caves, access to hidden snorkel spots, and a dazzling view of the world-famous Kaua‘i sunsets splashed across the canvas of the Na Pali Coast.

Snorkel Adventure

For the thrill seekers who prefer their adventures at sea, Holo Holo Charters offers a 5-hour Na Pali snorkel tour along the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. Departing from Port Allen on the south shore, you will glide across the waves as you sail right up to the face of the cliffs. Exploring lava tubes, open-air caverns, and sea caves beneath the towering palisades of the cliffs above, then hop into the inviting waters of the Pacific to snorkel on otherwise inaccessible reefs and secret snorkel spots. Depending on conditions, you can even snorkel at secret coral gardens or explore the sea caves themselves. Float and frolic with tropical reef fish and keep an eye out for the playful interloping of green sea turtles, then climb back aboard for a refreshing cocktail, local beer, or the non-alcoholic refreshment of your choice. Kauai activities have something for everyone!

Na Pali Coast Snorkeling

Your trip along the beautiful Na Pali coast includes a delicious breakfast (assorted pastries and fresh fruit), all your Na Pali snorkel tour equipment, a fresh and delicious island-style buffet lunch (deli meats, pasta salad, fresh baked bread, veggie platter, and homemade chocolate chip cookies), and liquid refreshments throughout the day. Whether you prefer to sun yourself on the deck as your mighty vessel plows across the waves or relax in the shaded comfort of the cabin, you will find plenty of space to relax and enjoy the incredible views as the Na Pali coast beckons you ever onward to the adventure that awaits. Reservations can be made online (this is a popular tour and fills fast).