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Kauai Beach Homes and Beachfront Studios

Beachfront Retreat ❋ Kauai Beach House & Studio

Beachfront Retreat Kauai Beach Houses and Studios, Kauai Vacation Rental, Princeville Vacation Rentals

Located on the beach in Haena between Tunnels Beach and the Hanalei Colony Resort, the Beachfront Retreat lives up to its name with the beach at your doorstep. With spectacular ocean views and spacious living accommodations in our Kauai homes for rent on the beach, this is one of the best Kauai beach homes and can be the perfect location for your next Kauai vacation.

Kauai Beach Homes for Rent Have an Unbeatable Location

Known for the dramatic mountain backdrop featured in the movie South Pacific, Tunnels Beach (formally named Makua Beach) is a picture-perfect paradise. The clear, seasonally calm waters found at Tunnels are ideal for exploring the island’s vibrant sea life below the water’s surface. With a snorkel and mask, you can observe parrotfish, butterflyfish, green sea turtles, and other marine life in their natural habitats. Above the water, you can relax in the golden sand and take in the unmatched tropical views. Advanced surfers will enjoy catching waves beyond the outer reef.

Hidden Paradise

The journey to Kauai’s idyllic North Shore takes you along an unforgettable route with plenty of pull-offs for you to stop and admire the vistas. Adapt the island pace of life as you make your way over seven picturesque one-lane bridges and pass taro fields, plantation-style homes, and palm-lined beaches. Tucked away from the busier resort areas, you will enjoy ultimate peace and serenity in your Beachfront Retreat in one of our Kauai homes for rent on the beach. This gem of a property is a rare find tucked away on the island’s northernmost tip. At certain times during the year, you will be able to enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset from this unbeatable vantage point. The vast sky changing among pinks, purples and golds as the sun rises and sets over the ocean is an unforgettable island experience.

Jaw-Dropping Views in Our Kauai Beach Homes for Rent

Aside from waking up each morning with the ocean just steps from your door and enjoying sea views from the comfort of your own vacation rental, your location in Haena puts you at the foot of the island’s most dramatic views – those seen along the Na Pali coast. While this section of coastline is inaccessible by road, those up for the challenge will enjoy a hike along the Kalalau Trail, which traces the Na Pali coast for 12 miles before ending at a secluded beach. Those not up for the intense physical challenge and permit requirements can simply hike in for as long as desired before turning around. Even a short hike along this path reveals views of sheer cliffs dropping into the ocean for as far as the eye can see. You can also take a boat tour from nearby Hanalei to view these dramatic cliffs from the water, cruising with dolphins and whales (seasonally) along the way.

Begin Your Beachfront Lifestyle at Our Kauai Homes for Rent on the Beach

The Beachfront Retreat is available to book separately as the Main House or Studio. The whole property can be booked for $825/night off season, $1000/night summer season, $1400/night holiday season from Dec 17 - Jan 7. Contact us today to book the Beachfront Retreat or further browse our Kauai beach homes for other oceanfront Kauai beach homes for rent available on Kauai.