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Tidepools Restaurant Kauai

You are in Kauai and you are looking for a romantic place to have dinner. Why not dine in a bungalow that sits atop a koi pond that is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls? If this sounds like something out of a travel commercial, bear in mind that you are in Hawaii, the honeymoon capital of the world. Tidepools Restaurant in Kauai offers just such a setting and some fabulous food to go along with it.

The bungalows are located right on the manmade pond of the opulent hotel. The food is very fresh, and much of it is locally sourced. The menu is primarily comprised of meat and seafood, but they do offer some lighter fare. They also have an impressive wine list and a waitstaff that is well versed in pairing wine with food.

Libations at Tipepools Restaurant in Kaua’i

All of the inventive craft cocktails at Tidepools Restaurant in Kauai are made with top shelf ingredients and have just the right amount of strength to kick off a relaxing meal. Highlights include a sweet and tart raspberry lemonade with vodka and a refreshing pineapple julip made with a fine bourbon. They also have a selection of fine wines from California, Italy and France.

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The starter menu is comprised of some mouthwatering selections that will awaken your tastes buds and prepare your palate for the main course. Be sure to try the Grand Hyatt Garden Salad, which combines fresh veggies with blackened pecans, goat cheese and papaya seed vinaigrette. The polenta crusted scallops are gluten free and come with a sweet and piquant caramel-chili dipping sauce.


The inventive entrees are made with the freshest of fish, meats and vegetables. Two of the most innovative of the recipes are a red snapper that is brilliantly paired with kimchee fried rice and the Forbidden Rice which contains coconut milk, stir fried veggies and sweet and spicy Thai flavorings.


The confections at Tidepools are worth a visit all by themselves and what makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in Kaua’i. The best of the sweets include a macadamia nut crème brulee that comes with a candied nut crunch, and the malasadas, which are a Portuguese donut filled with vanilla and caramel and topped with chocolate sauce.


Your getaway should not only include a fabulous dinner at one of the top romantic restaurants in Kaua’i, but a private and comfortable place to stay. Ahh! Aloha Kauai Vacations can provide you with a vacation rental that will let you watch the sunset from the porch of your very own beach house. Call us at 866-922-5642 to start planning your vacation today.