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Plantation Coffee Co

At Plantation Coffee Co, they believe that healthy food makes for a wealthy mood. That’s why you will find a bevy of delicious, healthy options for breakfast and lunch, along with a potent lineup of delectable coffee drinks and soothing teas to get your day started right (and help it finish strong). Located in the Plantation Building in downtown Līhu‘e, their convenient location makes it easy to pop in for a fill-up or to grab a refreshing iced coffee for the road so you can enjoy it on one of the nearby beaches of Kaua‘i’s famed Coconut Coast.

The Coffee

Plantation Coffee Co is first and foremost all about the java. Their menu includes a selection of fresh brewed Kauai Hawaiian coffees from across the Hawaiian Islands and French Press coffee, each as strong and smooth and delicious as the last. Friendly baristas are standing by to pull you velvety shots of espresso and make you a hand-crafted drink like a caramel latte, a mocha, or the Americano (sure to help you get up and go!). Drinks are available hot or iced, and fresh fruit smoothies and a wide selection of teas are available for those who aren’t in a coffee mood (we assume such people exist).

Delicious Kauai Hawaiian Coffee

While perhaps not the most extensive menu in the world, it makes up for it by the fact that everything is delicious. Choose from fresh granola topped with your choice of milk and fresh local fruit, acai bowls, a selection of fresh bagels and cream cheeses, a classic breakfast burrito, and gooey-delicious-oh-so-yummy banana bread. For lunch they open things up with a huge selection of handmade sandwiches. Choose – if you can – from scrumptious options like the Turkey Rose (oven-roasted turkey with rosemary-infused mayo), the Wabisabi (wasabi tuna salad), a host of different BLT’s, classic Roast Beef, or the ever-popular Club Sandwich (you don’t even have to be a member!). Hot-pressed panini sandwiches are a welcome meal after a morning in the ocean (the Reuben is our personal favorite with its tangy sauerkraut and sweet Russian dressing atop salty corned beef or pastrami). Add on a snack pack or a side salad and don’t forget that iced coffee!

Plantation Coffee Co is open 7am to 2pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 7am to 11am.