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Makana Terrace

You are in Kauai, Hawaii and you rare looking for a place to eat where you can sip cocktails and stare out at the beautiful ocean. The Makana Terrace in the Princeville Marriott Resort offers some fabulous food and libations and has a dining terrace located so close to the ocean that you may feel a splash or two. The eclectic menu offers a combination of continental, Hawaiian and Asian food. They are open for all three meals. All the dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are expertly prepared, but there are a few items that you won’t want to pass up.

Breakfast at Makana Terrace in Kauai

You can enjoy Makana Terrace in Kauai‘s impressive all you can eat buffet, or you can order off the menu. Highlights of the breakfast menu include Molokai Potato pancakes that come with coconut cream frosting that is sprinkled with macadamia nuts. There are mini waffles made with taro, which is a Hawaiian purple sweet potato. You can get a pastry basket for the table or enjoy a fruit plate comprised of the fabulous tropical fruit for which Hawaii is famous.

Lunch and Dinner

The lunch and dinner menus kick off with some fabulous starters such as a robust and nutritious beet salad with goat cheese and a green salad with a tangy honey lime vinaigrette. The crab cakes are crunchy and salty and served with a fabulous soy sauce. The seared scallops pair surprisingly well with the citrus marmalade with which they are paired.

The best of the entrees includes a fresh and tasty vegetable lasagna that comes with sweet garlic and a snappy tomato sauce. The also have a spicy pan seared ahi that comes with a black pepper and ginger crust.

The bar offers a carefully procured wine list and the helpful staff is well educated in pairing the libations with food. They also offer a menu of tropical craft cocktails that are the perfect thing to enjoy on a Hawaiian vacation. The desert tray at Makana Terrace changes often and contains a plethora of divinely caloric desserts to chose from.

Where to Stay

There are many places to hang your hat in Kauai, and hotels are not right for everyone—especially not those traveling in large parties. If you are traveling with your family, why not rent a vacation home? You will enjoy multiple bedrooms a kitchen and even a living room. Give Ahh! Aloha Kauai Vacations a call or book your home online today. Our phone number is 866-922-5642.