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Koloa Fish Market

Al fresco dinning is one of the most popular activities in the 50th state, and Kauai has some of the best beaches on which to picnic. You can’t have a picnic without food, and the best deli in town is the Koloa Fish Market! The market is located on Koloa Rd. and offers some great fish salads and side dishes. They also have some prepared meals, such as fried chicken or plates that come with an entree and two scoops of rice. There are a few deli items that are very popular.

Poke Salads at Koloa Fish Market in Kauai

There are many inventive takes on poke salad at this deli. They make poke with a variety of different kinds of seafood such as tako (octopus), shrimp, and ahi. The poke is flavored with seasonings from around the world. You can get the fish prepared with Kimchi and Korean barbeque sauce or wasabi. If you prefer something milder, you can enjoy an avocado poke salad at Koloa Fish Market in Kauai.

Side Salads

The restaurant has a wide variety of side salads, including a nourishing and wonderfully salty seaweed salad, a cool and spicy cucumber kimchi salad, and a creamy, cold and delectable macaroni salad. Koloa Fish Market also has a healthy avocado and tuna salad. Be sure to get a side of the delicious mustard sauce to go with anything that you order.


Koloa Fish Market in Kauai has some fantastic desserts that you can only get in Hawaii. The Haupia Pie is made with purple sweet potatoes and is topped with rich coconut cream and roasted macadamia nuts. There are some wonderful cream cheese cakes, such as blueberry and strawberry. They also offer a cold and creamy rice pudding.

Where to Picnic

You can sit on the picnic tables outside the restaurant or head to Poipu Beach where you will find many a picnic table and a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Where to Stay

If you buy a little too much at Koloa Fish Market, you will want a place to store and eat all that excess fish. Imagine trying to eat your delicious meal on a cramped and broken little hotel table. Imagine the risk you would be taking if you tried to store said fish in a questionably efficient motel mini fridge.

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