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This charming and unique gallery is the crossroads of an eclectic coffee house, an elegant café, and a showcase for some of Kaua‘i’s best artists. Enjoy hand-crafted lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, or sip on a refreshing iced coffee or a decadent frappuccino, then browse the original artwork that adorns the walls and exhibition spaces. Aloha N Paradise has something for everyone.  Located in beautiful Waimea just outside the gateway to Waimea Canyon, Aloha-n-Paradise is open Monday through Saturday, 7am to noon (from 8am on Saturdays).

The Espresso Bar

Everything at Aloha-n-Paradise is prepared to order, just how you like. Your barista will walk you through your perfect beverage, tailoring everything from the strength to the type of milk to how you prefer it served. The result? Coffee perfection, every time. Officially graded and reviewed by an international espresso competition judge, you can be sure you are getting the very best espresso available, and just how you want it. Once you have secured your drink, relax and unwind in the internet café which boasts free high-speed Wi-Fi as well as four public computers available for your use.

The Gallery

Featuring original pieces, prints, limited editions, jewelry, and more, the gallery is proud to exhibit the work of 14 of Kaua‘i’s premier artists in a variety of genres.  Colorful water colors highlight the vivid scenery of the Garden Isle, immortalized for all time in beautiful strokes of green and blue; they are What to see in Kauai. Dazzling sunsets come to life in oil paintings and printed photographs. Abstract pieces inspired by this beautiful land delight the mind, while vivid depictions of the islands vibrant tropical flowers seem to fill up your senses as if you were strolling through the jungle.

Aloha N Paradise: It’s What To See In Kauai

In need of something stronger than coffee to rejuvenate your spirits? Aloha-n-Paradise also features a resident massage therapist. Trained in the homeopathic arts of Crystal Healing and Reiki as well as traditional Swedish, lomi lomi, Shiatsu, and Thai massage techniques, Arionde is on hand to provide any manner of treatment that you desire. He combines the elements of Reiki with his 30 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse, providing you with relief from all the aches and pains that ail you.