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Kauai Vacation

What Makes a Kauai Vacation Great for the Holidays?

Kauai is one of the most beautiful places a person can visit in their lifetime. It’s the ultimate destination, no matter the time of year. From its beaches to its hiking spots to its unbeatable island charm, you’ll be glad to take a Kauai vacation.

The Weather is Always Nice

When’s the best time to visit Kauai? The answer is: always! Due to its location, the weather doesn’t shift all that much between seasons, which means that even in the winter months you’ll find that the weather is mild, the water is nice, and the island has open arms for visitors.

Breathtaking Beaches & Surf Season

You’ll find the winter months rainy, which makes for a gorgeous sight on such a lush, green island. Even still, you’ll find sunny spaces when you tire of the rain, such as the South Shore, which typically remains drier. The holidays are a great time to experience the wonders of Kauai, because there will be fewer tourists everywhere. It’s surf season for the ultimate surf-enthusiasts as well, so if surfing is your game, then grab a surfboard and hit the waves. Or, sit back and enjoy the show of advanced surfers who’ve been doing it for their whole lives. The winter waves and undertow are bold and dangerous this time of year, so while it’s not great for swimming, it does provide the best surfing you’ll find all year. Try surf-watching at Hanalei, or Secret Beach.

The Adventure Never Ends on a Kauai Vacation!

Head into the safer reef-protected waters so that you can enjoy the temperate tropical ocean without needing to fear the strong winter undertow. Here in the shallow pools you can swim to your heart’s desire, and snorkel too! Some of our favorite places to snorkel are Poipu Beach and Lydgate Beach Park. Beyond the sea, you can immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting such places as the Kauai Museum and Old Koloa Town Historical Center. For a bonus, choose a hiking trail such as Kalalau Trail or Kuilau Ridge Trail and go on an all-day adventure!

Your Island Home Awaits

Every person, tropical tree, crystalline wave, and grain of sand on the island of Kauai are one-of-a-kind treasures. Every moment you spend here will fill you with tranquil bliss, and at Ahh! Aloha Kauai Vacations our greatest desire is to provide you the rental home that fits that holiday dream. Call us today to book one of our vacation rentals for your Kauai vacation!