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Beachfront Retreat Kauai Beach Houses and Studios

Beachfront Retreat ❋ Kauai Beach House & Studio

Beachfront Retreat Kauai Beach Houses and Studios, Kauai Vacation Rental, Princeville Vacation Rentals

Located on the beach in Haena between Tunnels Beach and the Hanalei Colony Resort, the Beachfront Retreat lives up to its name with the beach at your doorstep. With spectacular ocean views and spacious living accommodations, this sought after property can be the perfect location for your next Kauai vacation.

The Beachfront Retreat is available to book separately as the Main House or Studio. The whole property can be booked for $825/night off season, $1000/night summer season, $1400/night holiday season from Dec 17 - Jan 7.