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Kauai Hawaii Rip Currents

With approximately fifty miles of beaches lining Kauai’s pristine shores, you are sure to spend a significant amount of time sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying water sports during your vacation on the Garden Isle. Having a solid understanding of the ocean and its potential hazards is an important part of enjoying your vacation in the islands. Kauai Hawaii rip currents are common on and can provide a serious danger to unprepared swimmers, so caution should always be taken.

When waves break over shallow sandbars or reefs and push water toward the shore, water builds up near shore before returning to the sea. This pressure creates concentrated rivers of water that move swiftly away from the beach, over low parts in the sand bar, and into deeper water, also known as rip currents. Once the water reaches an area of equal level, the pressure drops and the rip current ceases. You can spot a rip current by looking for flat, sometimes muddy streaks in the ocean where there are no waves, often appearing as narrow rivers.

If you get caught in Kauai rip currents, your first instinct will likely be to swim against it, trying to get back to shore. However, this is a futile attempt even for strong swimmers. Instead, swim parallel to the beach until you are free of the current. Then you can make your way back to shore with the aid of the waves. If you can’t initially get free of the rip current, float or tread water and signal for help. Do not exhaust yourself fighting the rip current, as this is the main cause of fatalities.

Kauai has many lifeguarded beaches that are safe for swimming. Although it’s still possible to encounter Kauai Hawaii rip currents, swimming at a lifeguarded beach will ensure that you understand current water conditions as posted on signs, as well as have access to help if you need it. Enjoy your Kauai vacation by being aware of current water conditions at all times and by not underestimating the power of the ocean.

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