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Guide Kauai Wildlife in the Ocean

Kauai’s pristine beaches, emerald green mountains, and sunny skies beckon visitors to explore its beauty. To experience the full beauty of the island, you’ll want to take advantage of the boating and snorkeling opportunities on offer to get up close and personal with the magnificent Kauai wildlife.

Snorkeling with Kauai Ocean Life

A great way to experience some of the Kauai ocean life is by joining a snorkeling tour or renting gear to try it on your own. Snorkeling will allow you to swim among Kauai’s beautiful tropical fish, such as butterfly fish, parrotfish, eel, sea cucumbers, and squirrelfish. You will also likely spot green sea turtles, either in the water or resting on the shore. While state and federal laws prevent you from touching them, having a close encounter in their natural habitat is unforgettable. Good places to see green sea turtles on the shore are Brennecke’s Beach and Poipu Beach Park on Kauai’s south shore.

Cruising With Dolphins and Whales

If you take one of the many boat tours on offer while on Kauai, you will likely be cruising alongside Hawaiian spinner dolphins. They are usually seen in large schools and enjoy playing in the bow waves of boats, giving you an unforgettable up-close encounter. While these playful creatures can be seen year-round, whale season is from November to May, with peak season being January to March. During these months, humpback whales migrate from Alaska to the warm Hawaiian waters to give birth and breed. A boat tour will allow you the amazing opportunity for a nearby glimpse of these magnificent creatures breaching and slapping their tales. Whales can also be seen from shore with the naked eye, although binoculars would be a helpful aid. Keep your eyes on the horizon to catch a whale sighting from Shipwreck’s Beach, Makahuena Point, or Poipu Beach on the south shore, or the Kilauea Lighthouse on the north shore.

Sunbathe with Monk Seals

Hawaiian monk seals can often be seen sunbathing on Kauai’s shores. These are critically endangered animals and state and federal laws prohibit people from touching or disturbing them. When snoozing on popular beaches such as Poipu Beach, there will usually be tape or rope around the area, ensuring visitors keep a safe distance. Even with this distance, amazing photos can be captured of these rare animals and other Kauai wildlife.

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