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Kauai Getaway

Romantic Kauai Getaway for Valentine’s Day

Cupid has flung his arrow and it’s official, we’re in love with Kauai.


Lovebirds’ strolling hand-in-hand along our gorgeous beaches is just one of the many things here that can make the heart go pitter-patter here on the island of Kauai.  With that in mind, it seemed only suiting that we let you in on a few romantic excursions and locales that are sure to put the spark into your heartfelt Kauai getaway (or any other time the mood strikes for that matter).

Sweet Secluded Sands

Poipu Beach is notably the most well know beach in Kauai, attracting visitors of all ages from all around the world, however it may not be the best location for a secluded date night with your significant other.

As an alternative, why not visit Kauapea Beach.  Only a half mile long with no road access, you are sure to find a bit of privacy to whisper sweet nothings and enjoy each other’s company.

A (Love)Bird’s View

If you are looking for a little more heart-pumping action for you and your sweetheart, don’t worry – there’s plenty of options around the island up for offer.

How about a plane or helicopter tour over one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – Done!

Departing from the Lihue Airport, you can find a number of providers such as Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and Wings Over Kauai who would love to take you an aerial tour.

Cuisine for Your Cutie

In the restaurant world, Valentine’s Day is the biggest night of the year.  Food providers united worldwide to provide the best of the best for every couple celebrating their love on this day, and Kauai cuisine is no different.

Whether it is a dinner cruise out of Port Allen with Captain Andy or  Holo Holo Charters, a festive luau with Luau Kalmaku or Smith Family Garden Luau, or a quiet dinner for two at any number of our local restaurants, there are plenty of options to satiate your romantic appetite.  If you haven’t already, due to the popularity of this restaurant holiday, just to be safe call ahead for reservations to ensure you have a table with you and your Valentine’s name on it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Kauai Vacation Services!