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Reasons to Visit Kauai in the Winter

When it’s winter in your hometown, what do you see when looking out the window? Palm trees, sunny skies, and smiling people going about their business in shorts and tee shirts? Or do you see grey skies that appear as if they will never be blue again, slushy, and icy streets, and your neighbors bundled in layers of clothes, grimacing as they scrape the ice off their windshields for the 7th time this week? If the latter is what you witness, and the former is what you dream of, this list of reasons to visit Kauai in the winter is your guide to your next vacation!

78 and 66

No, we aren’t prone to calling out random numbers; 78 degrees is the average high, and 66 degrees is the average low in Kauai in the winter. And although winter is the rainy season for our island nation, we’re happy to report that the rain tends to fall in the night, leaving the days sunny and bright. If you’re looking for some extra warmth and happiness, a Hawaiian vacation is just what the doctor ordered; the only slush here can be found in a frosty tropical drink!

Winter is for Whale Watching

Humans aren’t the only creatures who crave warmth in the coldest months of the year.The winter season is when the humpback whales migrate in our direction. January, February, and March are the prime times for viewing these magnificent beasts, but if you’re here in December or November, there will still be opportunities. Captain Andy’s, located at 4353 Waialo Rd #1a, Eleele include whale watching with all their tours during the high season, and if you have never experienced sighting a whale as it breaks through the surf, your winter break in Kauai is the perfect time to try and it’s one of the best things to do when you visit Kauai in the winter!

Surfer’s Paradise

Anytime of the year is a great time to surf in Kauai, but in the winter the swells reach greater heights, making it a favorite place to visit for the more experienced surfers. Starting in November and ending sometime in March, the average swells reach about 6 feet in height but can grow 5 times larger under the right conditions; yes, we are talking about 30 feet in height, and if you have the skills, THIS experience will be life-changing!

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