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Kauai Events and Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Winter or Spring, it’s Always Paradise in Kauai!

While Punxsutawney Phil may or may not be seeing his shadow bright and early this morning, rest assured that in Kauai, spring is right around the corner!

But then again, here in paradise the weather is pretty much always picture perfect. February has a habit of bringing a decent amount of rain to the island, however it’s these warm showers that make Kauai the “Garden Isle.”

A perfect time of year for whale watching, fantastic surf, and numerous events, festivals and fairs up ahead, we certainly won’t let six more weeks of winter get us down!

Here’s a couple upcoming Kauai events to hold you over until it’s Cupid’s turn to dance across the holiday stage:

  • 2/2: Kauai Food Tour – North Shore
    Coined a “culinary romp through paradise,” this four hour tour is a tasting adventure through Kauai’s North Shore, highlighting traditional Hawaiian food, Tiki cocktail culture, local farmers and food artisans, and so much more. Read More ➤
  • 2/10: Kauai Food Tour – South Shore
    Like its North Shore counterpart, this four hour tour takes you on a culinary adventure, this one celebrating street food inspired by Hawaii’s diverse cultures including Japanese food, exotic ingredients and so much more. Read More ➤
  • 2/6: Kauai Island Crafters Fair
    Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or souvenir, the Kauai Island Crafters Fair is the place to find it. With countless local artisans displaying their quality craftsmanship through fine products such as jewelry, carvings, paintings, prints and more, you’re sure to find the perfect item here. Proceeds benefit the Kauai Veteran’s Club. Read More ➤
  • 2/5 & 2/6: Kauai Steel Guitar Festival
    Workshops, jam sessions, performances and featuring a number of steel guitar masters, the Kauai Steel Guitar Festival is one of the largest – can’t miss – gatherings of Hawaiian steel guitar players. Read More ➤