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Kauai Activities

Best Kauai Activities to Keep Cool

You will find no fresher air than you will on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Cool breezes off the Pacific Ocean will find you regardless of where you are on the island, and endless vegetation creates a thriving oasis in the middle of the ocean. With that being said, it can feel a bit hot during the summer due to ceaseless sunshine. When you begin to feel like you have had enough of the heat, it is good to know there are plenty of ways to cool off. The following are some fun Kauai activities that will serve to cool you off.

Find a Waterfall

Hawaii, and this island in particular, is known for incredible tropical landscapes and the countless waterfalls that you can find. Not only are these waterfalls beautiful, but they offer a shady space along with cool mist off the falls, and of course, a one of a kind opportunity to take a refreshing dip. There are many options, but Wailua Falls is a good place to start, as it is the easiest to reach. Simply take Highway 56 about three miles north out of Lihue and you cannot miss it!

Hit the Beach

Kauai is home to more beaches per mile of coastline than any other island in the world, and they are all among the most beautiful. Obviously, you have to take advantage while you are here! Lucky for you, there is no better way to stay cool than taking a dip in this cool water that is always beautiful. You can count on the ocean being cool and comfortable, with average temperatures in the mid-70s. Pair this with a toasty day and you can do no wrong.

Kauai Hikes

This may not sound like a great way to stay cool, but in Hawaii, the only reason you will feel hot is from endless sunshine. So finding a beautiful hiking trail that provides plenty of shade and cool air is the perfect refuge from the heat. You can find many opportunities like this throughout the island, particularly inland. One of the best examples of a Kauai hike that will keep you cool is the Sleeping Giant Trail. Find the trailhead on the eastern side of the island near the town of Wailua.

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