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Kauai Laws To Be More Environmentally Friendly!

Did You Know There Are Kauai Laws That Have Banned Plastic Grocery Bags?

In 2009, Kauai passed an ordinance requiring stores to provide only recyclable paper bags or reusable shopping bags. That law took effect in 2011 and is designed to reduce the significant environmental impact of plastic bags. Under this law, retail establishments are not required to provide customers with shopping bags. While many businesses on Kauai do provide their customers with shopping bags, there are still plenty that choose not to, or do so only if you purchase them, which can leave visitors struggling to carry an armload of groceries out to their car. In order to both better serve our guests and do our part to protect our environment, Ahh Aloha is happy to announce Kauai laws that will allow us to keep reusable shopping bags in all of our vacation rental units. We invite all of our guests to take these bags with them whenever they need to-all we ask is that you leave them for the next guest when your vacation is over!