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How Does Ahh Aloha Make Sure That Your Kauai Vacation is Perfect?

Maybe you’re looking at our website browsing Kauai vacation rentals, or maybe you’ve just booked your first Kauai vacation through us. Maybe you’re renting on Kauai through us for the 10th time and you’re curious. What do we do at Ahh Aloha
to make sure that your rental is spotless and that your vacation is stress free?

The answer is that we work hard! All 95 of our properties are scrubbed down, dressed up, and thoroughly inspected before each check in. We have vacation rentals in Princeville, Hanalei, Kapaa and Lihue and we have separate departments to clean in each area.

Even after housekeeping has cleaned out every nook and cranny, we still aren’t satisfied. It’s at that point that one of our independent inspectors tours the unit and reports any problems to us. To give you an idea of what each unit goes through, each unit is cleaned and inspected using
the following criteria

House Keeping Checklist
General (for all areas)
* Light fixtures must be free of debris inside. Check that all bulbs are working.
* Spot clean walls, including scuff marks, especially in closets. No cobwebs in anywhere. * No visible mildew on walls or wallpaper.
* Clean slider windows inside and out. Wipe tracks out. Report if not working properly.
* Be sure kitchen blinds are dust and spot free.
* Clean all picture glass and frames.
* Vacuum, including under furniture and under the cushions/pillows.
* Dust all furniture.
* Clean all mirrors and glass of fingerprints, smudges and dust.
* Dust all fans. There should be no dust on top, edges or bottom of blades. Check all fans to see if working properly.
* Wipe off top of door casings.
* Clean and make tile shine. Do not neglect edges, corner and behind doors.
* Clean dryer lint trap. Open washer and wipe inside.
* All trash removed. Be sure trash cans are clean and new bag inserted.
* Spray air freshener in rooms with bad odors. Make sure outside trash cans have been emptied.

Entry and Lanai
* Vacuum entry area. If tile, wipe it clean.
* Clean back of entry door for dirt and smudges, especially around that door handle.
* Wipe outside of door and threshold. Vacuum mat outside of the front door.
* Clean lanai furniture, top, bottom, and legs.
* Wipe railings on upstairs units.
* Vacuum or sweep lanai and clean area of bird-droppings.

Living Room
* Be sure television and VCR are working properly and smudge free.
* Check books for damage and wipe off.
* Check mirrors for smudges and handprints.
* Check behind couch.

Dining Room
* Wipe chairs off with wet cloth.
* Be sure all placemats are clean and spot free.
* Check all flower arrangements. Make sure flowers are secure and dust free.

* Clean microwave inside and outside.
* Clean refrigerator top with damp cloth. Clean inside and discard any leftover food or packages. Wipe the outside. Make sure icemaker lever is in the “on” position.
* Be sure the inside of the dishwasher is clean and the dishes are put away. Polish outside door. Check for food debris in bottom of dishwasher.
* Wipe faces of cupboards and drawers. Discard any food or food packages inside. Be sure inside is dust free.
* Clean sink, faucet and counter tops. Leave no water spots.
* Inventory kitchen items and supplies. Dinnerware inventory should be eight for each item.
* Clean all counter-top appliances (coffee pot, toaster, etc.). Remove coffee grinds from pot.
* Polish all visible chrome.
* Be sure garbage disposal is working.
* Clean inside of oven and polish stovetop brightly. Clean burners and under burners well. Put foil on drip trays and bottom of oven.
* Check and clean oven, line bottom with foil.
* Make sure guest has not put pots and pans away dirty.

* Wash shower curtains monthly or replace if needed.
* Scour bathtub. Tub should be free of hair and other debris. Polish water fixtures.
* Unscrew stopper, pull hair out and wipe mildew.
* Clean shower thoroughly.
* Clean all mirrors.
* Clean floors.
* Clean toilet. If an extended vacancy is expected, leave lid up to prevent formation of mold.
* Be sure all towel racks are tightly secured to the wall. If not, fix or report to maintenance person.
* Clean sinks and countertops, and polish fixtures. Wipe out drawers.
* Be sure all light bulbs are working.
* Fold toilet paper.

* Check and bleach mattress pads when discolored. Report is new ones are needed.
* Smell pillows and check for stains. Report if new ones are needed.
* All beds changed and neatly made. Check under the bed for debris.
* Inside of drawers cleaned and working properly. Please clean behind dresser and nightstand.
* Look INSIDE all drawers, pull out trundle beds and check inside them, finding someone else’s used underwear when you go to put your clothes away is not a positive experience.
* Make sure extra blankets are folded neatly. Check for spots and wash frequently. No guest should smell the aroma of the last guest.
* Two extra pillows for sofa bed in small bedroom closet. Cord of iron wrapped or folded neatly around iron.
* Check behind headboards for dust and spider webs.

Upon Leaving
* Empty the vacuum dirt receptacle (cannister or bag)
* Make certain all lights, appliances, electronics, spas, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, etc. are operational.
* Shut all louvers, and make sure lampshades are straight.
* Living room fan left on low. Light over dining table (or by door) left on.
* Drapes pulled to center of windows, exposing louvers. Drapes on sliders left open. Slider and screen doors closed and locked. Porch light left on if check in is within 2 days.
* Make sure that POOL KEY is present, as well as parking pass (if applicable), garage door remote (if applicable), television and fan remotes.
* Lock box checked for key.
* Flowers (upon owner request).
* Report immediately if unit needs excessive cleaning, or if anything is damaged or stolen (early reporting makes it more possible to have repairs affected before next check in). PHOTOGRAPH any damage.
* Report immediately if unit inventory is low (E.g. wine glasses, towels, sheets)

As you can see, before your plane’s wheels ever even touch the ground, your Kauai vacation rental has seen the care of our housekeepers and the attention of our inspector.

Even after check in though, our large and committed staff remains on standby ready to correct any issues that might crop up during your stay.