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Kauai Island

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kauai Island

We’ve lived on this Island of Dreams nearly our entire lives and still, every day we discover something new that makes us love it even more. Surprising, when you consider that Kauai isn’t really that big, just 533 square miles from beach to beach, but it’s secrets are a big part of what makes it special—that and the perfect weather, of course! If you’re planning on traveling to our favorite place on Earth any time soon, it’s always nice to learn a little something extra about your destination, so today, we’re sharing with you five things you didn’t know about Kauai Island!

Home to the Grand Canyon?

No, we’re not crazy; we do know that THE Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona, but Kauai does have its own version of the famous hole in the ground! Waimea Canyon is 10 miles of beautiful red rock cliffs, interspersed with the vibrant green you normally expect from our island and 45 miles of breathtaking trails that range from easy to experts-only!

Shave Ice is an Art Form

We can’t really explain it, but shaved ice is our favorite treat, and JoJo’s Shave Ice is the best place to get it on Kauai. The recipe for a great shave ice is simple: place ice chips in a cup and top it with your favorite flavor (or multiple flavors). JoJo’s has over 60 flavors to choose from.

Unspoiled Beauty = Not Navigable by Car

In this day and age, it may surprise you to learn that only 10% of Kauai can be traveled by car; most places must be hiked to. You won’t mind, though, because the sheer beauty of the areas you hike too will keep your mind off the pain in your calves as you ascend another hill!

The Movie Capital of Hawaii

Many of the more popular tropical movies and television shows were filmed right here in Kauai. As a matter of fact, MOST of Jurassic Park takes place on Kauai Island, and that includes the new sequel that is scheduled to be released on June 22. Your kids are going to think you are the coolest for bringing them to the spot celluloid dinosaurs roamed freely!

Although Kauai Island was Formed by Volcanic Eruptions

You don’t have to fear a volcanic eruption today; it’s been millions of years since the one that formed our island erupted—10 million years to be exact—making Kauai the oldest of the main islands.

The Beauty of Our Homes Matches the Beauty of Kauai

It would be a shame to be disappointed in your vacation accommodations in paradise, but that is nothing you have to worry about; our homes put the ahh in aloha, giving you a taste of luxury, you won’t soon forget. Reserve your vacation rental today!