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Coconut Festival in Kauai

5 Kauai Activities to Make a Perfect Fall Trip

Ok, the secret’s out: There’s no wrong time to visit Kauai! Our island paradise is blessed with near perfect weather year-round, so if you’re thinking of a fall vacation, it’s time to get the wheels in motion. Fall is only a month away, and we don’t want you to miss out on a single minute of Kauai fall activities! As a matter of fact, to ensure that your trip is shining and perfect, we’ve provided this list of five Kauai activities to make a perfect fall trip—enjoy!

Tasting Kauai Food Tour-East Side

Although it’s still technically summer on the date this fun event is being held (September 6), we feel that anytime after Labor Day should be considered fall, don’t you? The Tasting Kauai Food Tour offers the opportunity to taste the food of the island. Costing $99 per person, there’s no food establishment safe from this tour; restaurants, food trucks, and specialty food stores all contribute to the taste of the island!

Kauaʻi Mokihana Festival

For a week in September, this celebration of everything Hawaiian is the highlight of island life and if you get to attend, will be a magical addition to your bucket list! Held September 23-29th and offering music, food, and a fascinating insight into Hawaii’s culture, the family friendly festival is free but purchasing food, drinks, and crafts will cost you.

Coconut Festival in Kauai

You’d have to be nuts not to enjoy this celebration of the fruit cartoons love to make fun of. The Coconut Festival in Kauai held October 6th from 9 until 5 at Kapa‘a Park isn’t just fun and tasty; it’s totally free! Featuring everything from tree climbing demonstrations to musical entertainment and food, your fall day on Kauai will be a sweet one!

Go Fishing

The great thing about living in Hawaii is that EVERY day can be a great day for fishing, and the fishing charter companies that make their living off the fruits of the sea will add a luster to your already sparkling fall vacation! And because they want to make sure that their guests experience every aspect of a really good fishing trip, Hawaiian Style Fishing (call 808-635-7335 for reservations) is one of our favorite charter companies!

Stay in for a Day

Many vacationers end up coming back to real life feeling more tired than they did before they left, but our guests realize that a true vacation always involves at least one day staying in! Our homes are designed to be lived in, so pull the shades and sleep in a little late, enjoy coffee and a pastry on the back deck, and take some time for those little moments with the family that make the biggest impact. Reserve your Kauai Vacations island cottage today!