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Waipo O Falls

Gazing across the red, brown, and green cliffs of Waimea Canyon, a double-tiered waterfall drops 800 feet into the valley below. While this waterfall can’t be viewed up close, Waipo O Falls still makes a dramatic impression from a distance.

With jaw-dropping cliff and waterfall views begging to be admired, try to keep your eyes on the road as you ascend the mountain toward Waimea Canyon State Park and Koke’e State Park. Waipo’o Falls can be seen on your right as you head up Waimea Canyon Road (Hwy 550). Although you’ll be viewing the falls from across the canyon, the lookouts along this road are the only spots you can see the entire falls. Stop at Waimea Canyon Overlook just past mile marker 10, and at Pu’u Ka Pele lookout near mile marker 13. The Waipo O Falls in Kauai stand as stark ribbons of white against the dark mountain backdrop.

Hiking Waipo O Falls

To hike to the top of the falls, take the popular 4-mile round trip Canyon Trail. The easiest access point is at the Pu’u Hinahina Lookout between the 13 and 14 mile markers, where the trailhead can be found at the back of the parking lot. While this trail leads to the falls, you’ll be standing at the top, which obscures your view. The real gem of the Canyon Trail is the stunning canyon views. After trekking through the forest, the view opens up with steep canyon drop offs to your right. While the cliffs are sheer, the trail is wide with plenty of space to stay far from the edge. Just past these pristine views, the trail will make a 180 degree turn and lead down a hill, where it will eventually dead end into a left and right turn. Take the left turn for a ginger-lined shallow pool area where you can enjoy a small waterfall and take a dip. A right turn will take you to the top of the Waipo O Falls, which disappear out of sight off the cliff below.

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