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Waimea Canyon

Spend too many days lounging on the beach, and now you are scrambling to fit in all the must-see sights across the beautiful Garden Isle? Or do you simply prefer someone else to do the planning and driving while you soak up the scenery along Kaua‘i’s rugged coastlines and idyllic beaches? Then hop aboard the all-day sightseeing tour that whisks you by private motor coach across the scenic byways of paradise, with stops at the grandiose Waimea Canyon, a historic plantation village, the majestic Spouting Horn Blowhole, and a tranquil cruise up the waters of the Wailua River to the magical Fern Grotto.

Fern Grotto

Your tour begins with an arranged pickup via air-conditioned motor coach. After a scenic drive along the Coconut Coast of Eastern Kaua‘i you will board a river boat and head up the historic Wailua River to a secret cave, the mythological home to the Hawaiian god Lono (and the site of more than 19,000 weddings, to date). The Fern Grotto is a unique fissure in the rock face. Covered in exotic flowers, it is named for its “upside-down” ferns that grow from the ceiling of the 35-foot deep cavern, surviving not from rainfall, but thanks to the water dripping down from irrigation works in the sugarcane fields high above. Only accessible from the river, this magical location is ideal for a morning of exploration and sightseeing in the heart of the island’s lush interior.

Waimea Canyon, One of The Many Kauai Points Of Interest

After traveling through the famous “tree tunnel,” visiting Old Koloa Town, and enjoying the scenic beaches of sunny Poipu, your tour will continue into the highlands in the center of the island. Here you will come face to face with the mighty Waimea Canyon, a massive gash in the earth that drops some 4,000 feet below you. Nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” this mighty chasm was carved out of the mountains by the Waimea River millennia ago. From your vantage points along the canyon rim you can witness the distinct strata, streaked in vibrant reds, yellows, and greens, revealing the layered history of this extraordinary natural wonder. There are plenty of Kauai points of interest to have our guests coming back for more!

An excellent way to see all of the natural beauty Kaua‘i has to offer in one action-packed day, your tour ticket includes all entrance fees, transportation, pickup/drop-off, and fare for the river boat; food is available for purchase (either on the coach or at one of the numerous stops).

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