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Ninini Point Lighthouse

The Ninini Point Lighthouse stands as a stark white column against Kauai’s cobalt blue sky on the Coconut Coast. With continuous breezes off the ocean and picturesque views, this is a lovely stop off point when you’re in the Lihue area.

Ninini Point Lighthouse

Built in 1906 and automated since 1953, the inside of Ninini Point Lighthouse in Kauai is closed to the public. This 86-foot structure is located on a picturesque point jutting out from Kauai’s east coast. The lighthouse marks the entrance to Nawiliwili Bay and provides 180 degree views of the bay and surrounding ocean. Sunrises are beautiful here, with the sun rising from the ocean and pastel colors spreading across the sky in front of this east shore lookout. While the scenery here is picturesque, the real thrill is the lighthouse’s proximity to the airport. There is nothing like laying back on the warm lava rocks near the lighthouse and feeling the rumble as huge planes dip low and zoom overhead during takeoff and landing. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy as you watch the planes and boats go by. With its proximity to the airport, this is also a great stop-off point on your way to or from catching a flight.

Planning Your Excursion

Ninini Point Lighthouse is located in Lihue, tucked between Nawiliwili Harbor and Lihue Airport. From Kaumualii Highway (Hwy 50/56), turn toward the ocean on Rice Street, and then left on Ninini Point Street. This will eventually turn into a rutted dirt road following along the airport fence. It’s possible to drive all the way down to the lighthouse, but drivers should keep in mind that driving off paved roads violates some rental car contracts. Depending on recent rain, this road can be rutted and difficult for cars sitting low to the ground. If the road is impassible, you can also park and walk the rest of the way in.

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