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Lydgate Beach

One of the most family-friendly beaches in all of Kaua‘i, Lydgate Beach occupies a beautiful swath of paradise in eastern Kaua‘i, adjacent to the scenic Wailua River. This gorgeous beach features two lagoons enclosed by rock seawalls, creating a sheltered swimming area with calm water and plenty of shallow, sandy spots for young kids to play. The snorkeling here is excellent, and tropical fish are easily spotted along the inner rock walls forming the lagoons. Thanks to a full suite of lifeguards, facilities, and easy access to the coastal trailway system, this is the ideal spot for families with small children or non-swimmers who want to enjoy the beauty of Kaua‘i’s golden beaches without worrying about the famous large waves and winter swells.

Lagoon Luxury

The tree-lined beach exudes peace and tranquility. It gives way to landscaped grounds dotted with rocks and golden sands that front two enclosed lagoons, both of which are perfect for swimmers of all abilities. Kids can splash and play in the shallows, and stand-up paddle boarders and lap swimmers will enjoy the calm of the shoulder-high waters farther offshore. Snorkeling is excellent here, thanks to the natural and man-made rock formations throughout the lagoons. Colorful reef fish and marine life flit about in the shallows, and larger fish hang out by the lagoon walls. The visibility is usually quite good, and you seldom have to worry about large waves clearing the breakwater. Explore to your heart’s content, and rest easy knowing any novice snorkelers will be safe and have the time of their lives.

Fun at Lydgate State Park

The neighboring Kamalani Playground is a huge hit with kids of all ages; it has a Hawaiian-themed play area with swings, balance beams, musical bells, and even a volcano slide. Huge stretches of grass are great for picnics, kicking a soccer ball, spirited games of tag, flying a kite in the steady onshore breezes, and simply relaxing beneath the deep blue Kaua‘i sky. While they may not all have shade, there are plenty of picnic tables and grassy hills for a family picnic.

If you are feeling adventurous on your Hawaii vacation, we highly recommend making it down to Lydgate Beach for one of Kaua‘i’s fiery sunrises; the vantage point from this beach is spectacular, and the quiet solitude of this scenic park is an uplifting way to start your next day in paradise.