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Kekaha Beach

As you round the bend driving from Waimea to Kekaha along Kauai’s west coast, Kaumualii Highway (Hwy 50) joins the coastline, opening up to expansive ocean views on the left. Continuing on through this residential town, nothing separates the road from the long stretch of beach except a few lava rocks and palm trees. Just after you’ve driven the length of Kekaha town, you will see the beautiful Kekaha Beach.

Kekaha Beach marks the beginning of the 15-mile long stretch of beach from Kekaha to Polihale. The beach is also locally known as Intahs, First Ditch, Second Ditch, and Targets. Intahs is the eastern-most section, and First Ditch, Second Ditch, and Targets are found (unmarked) as you move west down the beach. Beyond Targets, you will encounter the Pacific Missile Range Facility, which is not open to the public.

Kekaha in Hawaii is popular with locals, with many residents driving Jeeps and trucks on the sand. Unless you have 4WD, you will likely stop at the eastern-most section, close to the parking area. Kekaha Beach is a fabulous location to take in an unforgettable Hawaiian sunset. The “forbidden island” of Ni’ihau, and its atoll Lehua, can be seen on the horizon. At certain times of year, the sun sinks directly behind Ni’ihau, creating a perfect photo op.

Locals can often be found boogie boarding at the east end of the beach, and surfing toward the west end of the beach. However, with its strong rip current and formidable shore break, Kekaha Beach is best for sunsets and beach strolling rather than swimming. A grassy area with a lifeguard stand, covered picnic tables, showers, and port-a-potties is available. The west coast is the dry side of the island, so even if it’s raining everywhere else, you can usually find sun at Kekaha Beach.

Around the Area of Kekaha in Hawaii

Kekaha in Hawaii is mostly residential, so pick up any gas, food, or drinks you’ll need in the town of Waimea, 4 miles east.

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