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Kauai Outdoor Adventures

One of the biggest draws of visiting our little island of Kauai is the gorgeous landscape that made this place famous. From the lush trees to the turquoise sea and all the wildlife in between, this is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. Here are some fun Kauai outdoor adventures you can embark on to get the most out of the outdoors:

Do the Koloa Zipline

The Koloa Zipline is the longest zipline in Kauai. Here you’ll find the exciting half-mile Waita Zipline. There’s even a headfirst zipline you can take here with the Flyin’ Kauaian Harness, which is an absolutely unforgettable experience that you don’t want to miss.

Find a Secret Beach

Are you the kind of adventurer that likes to find secret hideaways well off the beaten path? Visit Kauapea Beach, locally known as Secret Beach. This is one beach where you won’t find many tourists or crowds. The palm trees and rocky cliffs that surround it make it a hidden gem at the edge of Kauai. You’ll have to hit the maps to find it though, since it’s not marked with signs and it lies off a mysterious and nameless dirt road. Finding it is a part of the adventure!

Hit the Waves Like a Pirate

With Na Pali Pirates you can take the sea excursion of a lifetime. This is a 5-hour experience where you’ll get up close and personal with Kauai by exploring all the sea caves of Na Pali. You’ll get to see all manner of sea creatures too! This trip will surely be the highlight of your vacation.

Take a Hike to a Waterfall

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the wonderful natural world of Kauai. The gorgeous Waimea Canyon will take your breath away. The only thing prettier than the canyon is the 800-foot-long, two-tiered waterfall hidden somewhere inside it. Take Canyon Trail to the pool and the impressive falls, and make sure to take plenty of photos along the way.

Fly High Over the Entire Island

There’s nothing like a helicopter ride over one of the loveliest islands in the world. Take a flight with Safari Helicopters while you’re here and you’ll make a memory to last a lifetime.

Start Your Adventure with Ahh! Aloha Kauai Vacations

When you come to visit us here in Kauai, your time indoors will be just as important as the time you spend outdoors. Give us a call today at 866-922-5642 and we’ll help you find the best rental home for your visit.