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Kamokila Hawaiian Village Kauai

Located on a peaceful bend in the Wailua River opposite Opaeka`a Falls, Kamokila Hawaiian Village Kauai is a faithful recreation of a traditional Hawaiian village on the site of an ancient settlement. Experience traditional life on your next Kauai vacation in a preserved natural environment at this Kauai point of interest, much as it was centuries ago, and enjoy scenic guided tours by canoe or outrigger down the Wailua River to incredible destinations like Secret Falls, Fern Grotto, and the popular Swimming Hole.

The Village

Lovingly reconstructed in the 1990’s, the village is a snapshot of a day in the life of native Hawaiians upon their arrival to these shores in the early centuries of the current era. This site was a preferred residence for Kaua‘i’s last king, Kaumuali`i, and was where he would assemble his war canoes to defend the island. Visitors can take self-guided tours of thatched huts and structures that include residences, a birthing hut, a hula hale, a canoe storage hut, the chief’s assembly, and a doctor’s residence. The village spans 4 acres along the banks of the river and is adorned with lush jungle, native plants, and exotic fruit trees introduced by the Polynesian settlers. The center square plays hosts to cultural demonstrations of traditional games, spear throwing, and Hawaiian bowling. Open daily 9am-5pm, admission is $5.

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Canoe Tours

The highlight of any visit to Kamokila Hawaiian Village Kauai is a canoe trip up the Wailua River, Hawai‘i’s largest and only navigable waterway. Rent your own kayak or canoe or join a guided tour and explore this wild tropical paradise. The boats are launched from an adjacent access point, so no hauling is required. Be sure to slap on the mosquito repellent (and be prepared to get wet, you are in one of the rainiest spots on Earth) and then take in a fascinating tour program from your friendly and knowledgeable guide, or plot your own course to mysterious Kauai points of interest like the Fern Grotto where the forks of the river converge, or the hidden Secret Falls. Stop by the Swimming Hole to take a dip in the cool waters of the Wailua River that is fed by the 400+ inches of rainfall that grace the slopes of Mt. Waialeale towering above you.

A wonderful journey back in time and an exciting day trip on the river are the perfect recipe for a day of family fun. Be sure to bring towels, a picnic lunch, and hiking or boating shoes as the trails around the village and the river destinations can be quite muddy. Snacks, souvenirs, bug spray, and sunscreen are available for purchase at the village’s small shop.

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