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Kalihiwai Beach

Lined by stately ironwood trees and punctuated by the mouth of a cool, rippling stream, Kalihiwai Beach Kauai is a beautiful crescent-shaped stretch of pristine sand on Kaua‘i’s North Shore. Just down the road from Kilauea Point before you reach the resort community of Princeville, this idyllic bay is easily accessible (unlike nearby Secret Beach) and boasts ample parking, scenic views, and steady surf breaks. Perfect in any season, it is one of the places to see in Kauai, and an ideal spot for a family beach day with plenty of shade, beautiful scenery, and lots to explore on your next Kauai vacation.

Kalikiwai Beach Kauai: Bayside Splendor

Nestled between two lava cliffs, this white sand beach and its refreshing stream are a popular destination for surfers, sunbathers, and beachcombers alike. During the winter, the incoming sets of waves and the shore break can be treacherous, so swimming is not advisable, and surfing is only for experts. Still, the ample beach is a great place to relax and watch the surfers do their thing, set against the backdrop of towering cliffs and beautiful blue waves.

Summertime Fun

During the summer months, the conditions at Kalikiwai Beach Kauai are usually much more relaxed and swimming in the calm, in shore waters is quite enjoyable (though care should be taken around the stream mouth, where currents can form). Kids love playing in the small pools and brackish water that forms behind the dunes by the stream, and fishing, swimming, and tubing are all quite popular activities. If you bring a kayak, the flat sandy bottom’s gentle slope makes this an ideal spot for launching and exploring Kalihiwai Bay or the stream itself (if the water is deep enough with recent rains). Stand-up paddleboarding is another popular activity here as the water close to shore is generally calm during summer months.

The beach is quite spacious and rarely crowded, with plenty of shade and picnic spots making it ideal for day-long beach excursions. Grab lunch at a nearby farmers’ market or the fresh fish stands at Kilauea Market and enjoy it with a panoramic view of the bay. Cool off in the fresh water of the Kalihiwai Stream or try your hand at body surfing the gentle summer combers as they descend on the beach; the choice is yours. One of our favorite beaches on Kaua‘i’s North Shore, this is one of the places to see in Kauai!

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