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Hanalei Pier

Listen to the waves gently lap the shore and watch the sky turn brilliant shades of pink and gold as you walk hand-in-hand down the iconic Hanalei Pier. As you gaze out over the ocean, waterfalls can often be seen cascading down the 4,000-foot mountains across the bay. Set among two glorious miles of golden sand curved against the crescent bay and jutting 340 feet out into the ocean, there is beauty all around.

Best for Relaxing, Sunsets, and Jumping

Come to the Hanalei Pier in the evening and bring your camera to capture the sun sinking behind the pier and turning the nearby Mount Makana, also known as Bali Hai, brilliant shades of green. Sunsets are at their best from this vantage point in summer or early fall. To capture the pier from a unique viewpoint, head under the walkway and watch the water splashing against the long rows of columns disappearing into the ocean. With a covered picnic table at the end of the pier, this is a great place to bring a casual dinner and relax among travelers and locals. The adventurous might enjoy joining the locals and jumping from the end of the pier into the emerald green water below. Metal rungs along the sides of the pier allow for a fairly easy climb up to prepare for your next jump. Take some snapshots of your friends as they hurtle themselves into the air before splashing into the cool water below.


The Hanalei Pier was originally a built with wood in 1892 and was used for shipping rice and other goods. With wood being too difficult to maintain in Kauai’s tropical climate, it was reconstructed to a concrete deck, and was abandoned for shipping in 1933. It has since been a popular location for families to gather.


From Highway 560 in Hanalei Town west of the river, turn on any of the small side streets on the makai (ocean) side. Then make a right on Weke Road and follow it to the parking lot at the end.

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