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Kayak Kauai

Kayak Kauai
After a trip to Hawaii, most people are left with memories that will last a lifetime. These memories are filled with incredible beauty, endless recreation, and time spent with loved ones. It is one of the best vacations you can possibly take because there are so many ways to take advantage of this area. But one way that stands apart from the rest is in the services provided by Kayak Kauai, as they have been offering the best experiences on the island since 1984.

The Go-To Place for Kayaking on Kauai
The quality of this company’s services begins and ends with their kayaking opportunities. There are endless great spots throughout the island and its coasts for kayaking, so they of course provide high quality kayak rentals so you can get out there and explore on your own. But if you want an extraordinary experience, you should take advantage of their numerous kayak tours.

First, they offer tours along the Wailua River, which provides unique insight into the beauty of Kauai’s inland. Get a little sweat going while you marvel at massive peaks, lush valleys, and towering waterfalls. They also offer sea kayaking excursions which take you along the world famous Na’Pali Coast. Even if you have never been to Kauai, you will recognize this iconic coast from various movies, but seeing it in person is a whole different experience. These tours offer the opportunity to see incredible things that you would otherwise never known about. There is no better way to get to know Kauai when staying in our amazing rentals.

So Much More Than Kayaking
Kayaking is the main event here, but there are other services which are also focused on unique and fun outdoor excursions throughout Kauai. Start off with a great hike along the famous cliffs of the Na’Pali Coast or through the immense canyons of the inland. For something really special, opt for one of their hiking and camping experiences, offering many opportunities for unforgettable, multi-day excursions. You cannot go wrong with any of the services that Kayak Kauai provides.

What makes this company so special is that it was founded by two brothers who simply love kayaking and the opportunities to see the beauty of this world that the sport provides. Their services are an attempt to bring this experience to everyone. You can find this amazing experience at 3-5971 Kuhio Highway. For more information on how they can make your Kauai vacation unforgettable, contact them at (888) 596-3853 or [email protected]