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Kauai Surfboard Rentals

It’s the ultimate thrill of any Hawaii vacation: time spent on the water, exploring the sea from another angle. Whether you’ve always wanted to surf or SUP, Kauai Surfboard Rentals is your one-stop-shop for perfect boards for the whole family! With so many styles to choose from, they’re sure to have the right fit for your needs.

Surf in Style

Giving surfing a try for the first time? Or are you a pro looking to rent a board during your vacation? Kauai Surfboard Rentals has you covered with shortboards, longboards, and mid-range boards for every need. You can rent for just a day, but they also have discount rates for 3-day or week-long rentals. Best of all, with free delivery and pick-up from north and east shores (and to Poipu for weekly rentals), you don’t have to hassle with traveling to pick up or drop off your board—they come to you! Rentals also include surf racks for your car.

Ready to SUP?

Stand-up paddling, or SUP, is the hottest fitness craze to hit the water in a while. You’ll immediately see why! It’s a great way to build core body strength while covering a lot of ground (water?) quickly. Especially on calm days, you can travel fast and see a whole lot of the ocean that you never would have if you were swimming. You can even take the kids along! It’s a big board. Boards come with lightweight carbon fiber adjustable paddles. Explore both rivers and oceans on your SUP; maybe you’ll even catch a few waves!

And a few Extras

If some members of your family aren’t quite ready to surf or SUP, Kauai Surfboard Rentals can also provide you with Morey boogie boards for only $5 a day. Boogie boards make it easy to learn to catch waves, and kids can have a lot of fun just paddling around on them! They also offer Tommy Bahama beach chairs and umbrellas for rent to make your relaxing family day a little more comfortable.

Soak in Kauai’s Fabulous Scenery

There really is no better way to enjoy Kauai than from the water: warm blue ocean, beautiful sunny skies, and majestic lush green mountains in the background. You’ve never been happier, or more relaxed… until the next wave rolls in! Then it’s time to pay attention and start paddling!

What are you waiting for? Give Kauai Surfboard Rentals a call today when you book one of our Kauai vacation rentals, or visit their website and check out the great selection of boards in all sizes!

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